Exhibition of HIBERNATE; Helena Lehtinen, Eija Mustonen, Tarja Tuupanen

84 GHz, Georgenstr. 84, München, Germany


Hibernate group is founded in 1999 and it is formed by three finnish jewellery artist; Helena Lehtinen, Eija Mustonen and Tarja Tuupanen. The group members mostly work individually, separately, but they get together to give feedback and criticism.


Resent years Hibernate has been silent, hibernating. In order to wake up from hibernation, it started a project with the title ”Craft and tradition”.

The project has gone as following; each artist made two pieces about the topic ”Craft and tradition”. Then the group met and discussed, each artist gave her two pieces to two other members of the group. Everyone had now two new pieces made by others. Then one reacted to both of these two pieces with individual works. This was repeated 6 times. In the end there is 36 studies about the topic. Plus consequences.


Opening 12th of March at 19.00!