2016   Hibernate – book of three Finnish jewellery artists (artist book)

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Ellen Maurer Zilioli (ed.), Arnoldsche Art Publishers (exhibition cat. with texts)

2016   2006-2015 A.I.R. Collection, Jakob Bengel – Stiftung Idar Oberstein

2015   Body Alchemy, Hangzhou Contemporary InternationalJewelry & Metal Arts Triennial 2015

         (exhibition cat.)

2015   Artist interview by AJF (web article in English),18th March 2015

2015   Artist interview by ½ lehti, (web article in Finnish), 4th of March 2015

2014  Itsenäisyyden ajan suomalainen koru, Kustannusosakeyhtiö Tammi (interview)
2012   Ashes and Diamonds, HUMAK (exhibition cat.)

2011   The Ring – Jewel Forever, Gallery Hnoss (exhibition cat.)

2011   Fortelling i sølv, Kunstnerforbundet (exhibition cat.)

2010   KORURAL, Saimaa University of Applied Scienses (exhibition cat.)

2009   KORU 3, Saimaa University of Applied Scienses (exhibition cat.)

2009   The Compendium Finale of Contemporary Jewellers 2008, Darling publications

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2007   Kontti, Finnish Jewellery Art Association (exhibition cat.)

2006   Kontti, Finnish Jewellery Art Association (exhibition cat.)

2006   Schmuck catalogue 2006

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2004   Schmuck catalogue 2004

2004   Jewellery, The choise of the Europarliament, Galleria Marzee, The Netherlands

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2000   Marzee catalogue 14/2000